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Low pressure division

DELCORTE has built decades of experience in Threading. Special “Know-how” is permanently being developed to maintain leadership in this field:

  • Specially designed cutting, chamfering and tapping machines
  • Production of its own Threading Taps
  • In-house galvanizing facility
  • Raw material: DELCORTE has its own socket tubing specification to optimize production (origins: France, UK and Italy).

This enables DELCORTE to be the world’s biggest steel socket producer for pipe mills, distributors and end-users.

  • EN 10241 steel fittings
  • Rigid conduit couplings
  • ASTM A865 Merchant couplings
  • EN 10241 steel sockets (BS sockets)
  • Profile sockets for sprinkler systems.
  • Special length socket and sockets on drawings (Boilers…)

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